Please use one of the forms below to request a speaker. 

Filling out a form with as many details as possible will help us determine the most appropriate representative to send, based on content and availability.  

We require four weeks’ notice and an audience of at least 15 participants to schedule an event. For smaller events and house parties, we can send ACLU handouts and materials for you to share. Other events will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that we cannot guarantee a speaker for every event, but we will do our best.


A note on Know your rights (KYR) presentations: We provide a set curriculum developed by the ACLU of Colorado to help individuals gain a practical understanding of their rights under Colorado and U.S. laws, and to encourage them to identify how those rights might apply to them. Presentations are offered by ACLU of Colorado staff. Know your rights presentations typically last one hour in length in order to comprehensively cover the information.